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Due to COVID-19 the NCA office is not open to the public and will not be offering our regular services. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact the office: (808) 965-8080

Milestone Poison


Invasive woody brush and trees such as albizia (Falcateria moluccana) have significant impacts on Pacific Island ecosystems. These exotic woody plants have extreme growth rates and form monotypic stands that displace other native and indigenous vegetation types.

Physical removal alone or in combination with herbicides is often used to control invasive woody vegetation in Hawai'i. The cost of physically removing trees ranges from $100 to more than $1,000 per tree, limiting the use of this method in most natural areas. Herbicide treatments on large trees are primarily basal trunk (bark) or frill cut applications with an herbicide diluted in an oil carrier. Although this method is effective when treating scattered invasive trees, it is impractical when working in large landscapes across difficult terrain characteristic of natural areas.

Click here for full Milestone label information and instructions.

Milestone 2oz. Bottle ............................................ $20/bottle

Cash (exact change), Check or Money Order accepted.

If interested in purchasing a bottle, please email or call (808) 965-8080. 

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