Longhouse Updates

Please note that 2023 HOA dues have been raised to $109.00 per lot. Statements will be sent out in December and payments are due 1/31/23. We accept checks or money orders as well as cash if paid directly at the Longhouse office. We do not recommend sending cash through the mail and are not responsible for any lost payments.  

Covid-19 Policies will be posted on this website, the NCA Facebook page and in highly visible areas at the longhouse. Masks are optional but encouraged. Please continue to maintain social distancing practices.*

Residents wishing to use the pool may sign up for their 2022 pool card during business hours until December 30th, 2022. Those cards will no longer be valid after the end of this year.

2023 Pool cards will be handed out to residents who are in good standing starting January 1st, 2023. Residents must be in good standing with the office and have their account balance up-to-date as well as have no current CC&R violations occurring on their property.

*Please note that policies are subject to change at any time without notice. 

Current Project Timeline(s): 
1. Reorganization of current mailboxes in numerical order as requested by the USPS and installation of replacement and additional mailboxes will occur as soon as new mailboxes arrive from the mainland. Current ETA is late October, depending on shipping. We will be starting to prep the area and remove the broken and vandalized mailboxes at the beginning of October.
2. Repainting of longhouse buildings, bus shelter and mailboxes - completed. 
3. Graveling, pot hole repairs and mowing roads recommenced 9/12/22. Please email bizoffice@nanawalecommunity.com to report potholes or overgrown street corners which are causing line-of-sight issues. Please note that the county maintains Nanawale Blvd, Kehau and Hapu'u, so please report major repairs, concerns or recommendations to the county using this form.
4. In perfect conditions, it takes approximately 50 days to mow the entire subdivision. This means the subdivision is mowed completely approximately 7 times per year. If you see an area that does not appear to have been mowed within the past month and a half, please email bizoffice@nanawalecommunity.com or call the office at 965-8080 and give us the exact location of concern. If the concern is on Nanawale Blvd, Kupuna or Hapu'u (county-maintained roads), please use the form provided in update #3 to notify the county. 

LonghouseActivity Calendar*
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