Boards / Committees 

Board of Directors

Nanawale Community Association is presided over by a volunteer Board of Directors elected by the membership at the Annual Meeting held each October. Three members are elected each year and serve for a three-year term.

Executive Board 


• Madie Greene         
• Peter Nash             
  Vice President                                  
• Anne Johnson                               
• Peter Nash

Board Members

• Melanie Fleming

• Dennis Carlson 

• Peter Pauole
• Ma’ave Enos
• Edric Money

• Todd Reilly, Sr.



Standing Committees

Do you want to become more involved in your community? 0ur committees are established to manage various aspects of our community life. Member participation is critical to the success of each committee. We are always interested in hearing from property owners interested in serving on a committee. If you would like to participate, or learn more about a program, please contact the chairperson of the committee, the Longhouse or any Board member. Volunteers are needed for all programs!

Neighborhood Watch & Patrol

This committee is comprised of a group of neighborhood volunteers that work with our Community Patrol officer (CPO) from the Pahoa Police Station to patrol areas in marked vehicles for suspicious activity and to locate abandoned vehicles in our neighborhood. At the homeowner’s request The Neighborhood Watch program also does drive by inspections for homeowners on vacation or going off island for a period of time. This active group meets monthly.

Environmental Committee

The mission of the Environmental Committee is to provide valuable information and assistance to
the members of Nanawale Community Association. Our goal is to educate property owners, on and off island, mainly about Albizia and other dangerous trees that threaten our homes and property values. Your assistance helps us in our efforts to eradicate or reduce the proliferation of these invasive species.The mission of the Environmental Committee is to provide valuable information and assistance to the members of Nanawale Community Association.

Recreational Committee

The Mission of the Recreation Committee is to promote the social life, recreation, community relations and spirit of brotherhood among the members, their families and all residents of the Nanawale Estates Community. Our goal is to provide activities, classes and social gatherings for our community members to enjoy. We welcome your input and participation.

Outreach for Homes Committee

The Outreach for Homes committee would like to state how much we empathize with everyone impacted by the recent destructive lava flow event that hurt so many Puna people. It is our mission at NCA to first reach out to individuals and families and welcome them to our community. We invite all new land and home owners to team up with us so we can help with their new construction projects in an effort to achieve the best results and living conditions for every member of our community. We share information about our CC&Rs and county requirements as well as minimum health and sanitary specifications. First and foremost is our commitment to providing you with the experience of a safe and peaceful living space for you and your neighbors. We welcome you as a new member of our community!

Nominating Committee

The nominating committee consists of a chairperson, elected by the Board, and a minimum of two additional volunteer members of the committee. This committee meets not less than 120 days before the Annual Meeting in October. Its purpose is to submit to the Board of Directors the name of at least one member for each of the director positions to be filled at the next Annual Meeting from the collected voting on nominees, subject to membership qualifications for directorship as specified, not later than 30 days in advance of the annual meeting.

Policy Committee

The purpose of the Policy Committee is to review the Bylaws, covenants and policies as may be requested by the Chairperson of the Board, officers, or members of the community. Subject to the approval of the Board of Directors, the policy Committee can recommend policy changes to the
membership at the annual meeting or at a special meeting of the membership called for such purpose. Committee members work by developing a thorough knowledge of the policies, review the questions submitted and make recommendations without personal bias.

Neighborhood Watch
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