Outreach for Homes

Regarding the new Outreach for Homes (OfH) and Neighborhood Watch (NW) contact process


We have created the following email address: 




for all residents of Nanawale Estates to report issues ranging from observing potential criminal activity, squatters, unpermitted homes, nuisance animals, etc. This is for non-emergency issues only. The email will be monitored daily and we will attempt to reply within 2 business days. We are now logging every complaint we receive and will take the appropriate action on each complaint as they come in.


Anyone having an emergency or witnessing violent criminal activities needs to contact 911, not the NCA or NW. The NCA cannot and will not be held liable for emergency issues reported to them instead of to the appropriate authorities. 


Please pass this info along to your neighbors and let them know it is the fastest and most efficient way to contact the NCA and the NW with any non-emergency issues they come  across. We will be placing this information on the website (Nanawale.com) as well.


Emergency: 911


Police non-emergency line: (808) 935-3311

Rainbow Rangers: (808) 666-9589